aperturerobotJJ Abrams is starting to exude his own nerd gravity, and that will only grow once Star Wars fuels his giant geek filmmaking miasma. Thus it is no surprise that the Bad Robot logo is going to start showing up in front of more film adaptations of things you love, with the latest possibilities being the beloved Valve games, Portal and Half Life.

There’s nothing truly official yet, just a public promise from Abrams and Valve-head Gabe Newell at a technology summit presentation today. The two discussed the narrative advantages and disadvantages of video games before Newell stated outright, “we’re going to figure out if we can make a Portal movie or Half-Life movie together.”

Hands were shook and blogs written, but that’s all the details we have. It’s HIGHLY unlikely Abrams will direct either one of these properties, as he’s exceptionally busy for pretty much forever. His bastion of associated directors is only growing though, so who knows who could land such a job. The director of the Portal fan film that made such a ruckus will be busy on Y: The Last Man, so BR will have to look elsewhere on that one. Not a bad thing though: the guy didn’t really capture much beyond surface details of that franchise. Hopefully they’ll nab filmmakers that can find a fun story to tell in the Aperture Science universe, equipped with all the wry, sardonic humor that implies.


Source | Wired