Bruce WillisSo yeah, over on a BBC morning show, Bruce Willis was asked if another Die Hard film will happen.

He responded simply, “Yes.”

With literally nothing else to report on the subject, here’s a reminder that we’re giving away a Blu-ray of the Die Hard Trilogy (plus the Len Wiseman action movie that stars Bruce Willis) and here’s a list of potential titles for the next film:

To Die Hard For (an action romcom)

Die Hard Laughing (an action comedy)

Eat, Drink, And Be Merry, For Tomorrow We Die Hard

Curl Up And Die Hard

Die Hard Down

Never Say Die Hard

Old Habits Die Hard (they should probably save this for the final Willis entry, or maybe the reboot)

Do Or Die Hard

Life Is Hard, Then You Die Harder

Join Or Die Hard

Left To Die Hard (action take on Cast Away)

Condemned To Die Hard

And of course the first spin-off starring Jai Courtney:

Son Of Die Hard

So them’s some freebies Fox. Enjoy.


Source | Bleeding Cool