2_6_agent47I devour the Hitman games. They’re great, adult fun and Agent 47 makes a great antihero for fans of morally questionable characters. Voice actor David Bateson will always be my bald, bar-coded Agent 47. It’s one of those vocal performances that makes the character, to the point where IO Interactive had to go back to Bateson on bended knee for latest entry Hitman: Absolution – this after he’d been let go because the studio had decided on a different direction before coming to the same realization many already knew.

47 is an odd character to pin down in live action, even a great actor like Timothy Olyphant couldn’t crack it when he had the opportunity in the underwhelming 2007 effort. Now comes word that Paul Walker’s been cast in Fox’s reboot, appropriately titled Agent 47. 

This is a big get for the actor, and I can almost see him pulling it off. Walker’s work in the Fast & Furious films has been spotty at best, but anyone who’s seen his unhinged performance in Wayne Kramer’s Running Scared knows this guy has chops. If 47 finds the right director, which isn’t guaranteed, Walker could possibly have landed the starring role that takes him to the next level.

Seriously, Fox. Lexi Alexander. Make it happen.

Source: AV Club