Signal is an excellent film that lives right at the intersection of art movie and horror movie, a film that isn’t afraid of being a little bit avant garde at times but is also happy to kill a character by brutal bug spraying to the throat. I saw it at the LA Screamfest in October, and it had to be my favorite film of the festival; I’m sitting on a review until closer to the actual release date because there’s no reason in over-pimping a movie months before you can see it, but rest assured that I love this film from a trio of emerging Atlanta directors*.

The website for the film has opened, and it features all sorts of goodies from trailers to behind the scenes photos to AIM icons and wallpapers. Head over to to get in on the next big thing early. The film is being released in the next couple of months (look for an official date soon), and I hope to be able to bring you some coverage of this gem as we get closer to The Signal hitting theaters.

*Do any of the CHUD ATL crew know these guys? They’re real talent.