Aronofksy has cast Mickey Rourke in the lead for one of the chapters in his Men of Physical Combat Trilogy (the other films are The Fighter, about real life boxer ‘Irish’ Mickey Ward, and The Atomic Wedgier, cast and storyline unknown), The Wrestler. The role had originally been earmarked for Nicolas Cage, who suddenly left it last week. Guess he has to go make Ghost Rider II: Flamin’! or National Treasure 3: The Search for Dakota Fanning’s Skullpan.

The Wrestler, written by Aronofsky and Robert Siegel (one time editor in chief of The Onion!(?!?)), is about an over-the-hill grappler who comes back to the ring for One Last Match. You know the drill, although with Aronofsky onboard I think we can expect something at least a little bit unique. And possibly funny, if he has Siegel working on the script. What a weird combo.

Rourke is, of course, a living legend (and living Don Post mask and drunken Vespa rider) who has saved himself from a stay in the Surreal Life house through a combo of sheer willpower and lucky casting. He’s been having a true revival these past few years (I still stop and watch Spun when I see it on cable just for Rourke’s performance as the meth maker). I’m excited to see what kind of a fucked up character he and Aronofsky create here, and I’m glad that it’s him in the film – since he looks like a wrestler (and has been in real life a boxer) – over the much slighter Cage.