Above is the full trailer for Zero Charisma, a project that managed to raise a production budget back in 2011 based on a surprisingly effective faux trailer and the pedigree of directors Katie Graham and Andrew Matthews (who were the Director of Photography and Editor on Best A048_C004_04125LWorst Movie respectively). It seems they’ve yanked that old trailer to dispel any confusion with the new one, but what’s important is that the flick is in the can, cut, and has already been accepted into SXSW so a parade of nerds can determine if this D&D comedic drama will live-up to nerd standards. As you well know, nerds can be very defensive and protective of whatever they happen to think the word means, resulting in the weekly “fake nerd” editorial wars on the internet.

Regardless of the cultural backdrop, Zero Charisma looks compelling because it’s clearly willing to dig into some of the real darknesses and anger that dwell in the nerdiest of nerds. This doesn’t appear to be just a parade of stereotypes, even if the jokes and tone are treading familiar ground.


That’s about as far as I can go into examining the movie, as ultimately I’m a little too close to judge. The lead of the film, Sam Eidson, is among my very best friends, a fellow alumni of our film university, and together we toiled to make Jurassic Park Live! happen this previous summer. That said, I’m not involved in the film in any way, and I have no connections to the filmmakers- ultimately I’m just hoping for the best for everyone, and hoping the film is a good one.

The trailer comes from the project’s new IndieGoGo site. The team is looking for help with the post-production process (a place virtually every indie film needs more help, especially for sound) and it’s a good time to pitch in if you want to get your name on or secure a copy of the film while the gettin’s good.

Keep your ears open for buzz out of SXSW, which begins March 8th.