url-16Many are still reeling from the massive scoop on the long-term plans for the Marvel universe but, lest we forget about the more immediate projects, the studio has a lot of gears turning and more surprises on the horizon. Now the first conclusive Guardians Of The Galaxy casting notice is here, and once again Marvel is proving itself as a progressive, creative selector of talent.

Chris Pratt (Parks & Recreations, Zero Dark Thirty) will be leading the Guardians as Star Lord, the half-alien, half-human protector of the universe. Pratt plays an outright doofus on the aforementioned hit NBC show, but his recent turn in Zero Dark Thirty and even his bit in Moneyball have well proven he can tune his persona closer to something like a real person.

Pratt’s casting –along with rumors that Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler are being approached for Rocket Raccoon– tells us just that much more about the tone James Gunn and Marvel will be after for this film, which will definitely turn up the overall weirdness dial for the comic universe on film. Apparently the approach will be one with a serious streak of humor- an expansion on the comedic aspect of Thor and even Iron Man, I would imagine. I’m exciting to see how Pratt will fare one he’s interacting with members of the Avengers, which could happen sooner rather than later.

As a property and a representation of the development of the MCU, Guardian of the Galaxy makes me raise an eyebrow, but every added name makes this more of a movie I’m excited to follow.


Source | Deadline