If you dusted off your Nintendo Wii yesterday and plugged it into the wall in anticipation of Super Mario Galaxy this week, you might’ve noticed its ominous blue glow. Yes, they’re here- Nintendo is trying to contact you through your television.

They’ve got another new channel for you fools to tinker with until some games get released for the system. The channel this time is the Check Mii Out Channel, a sorta "IS MY MII HOT OR NOT". There you can upload any of your ridiculous creations for the masses to choose to "Like" or… well, just "Like". Nintendo doesn’t like people being negative and not family friendly, after all! You can also download the weird avatars, which is why I currently have a Charlie Brown figure playing on my baseball team.

It sounds like a stupid enough idea, since there’s tons of websites devoted to weird Miis, but there’s a little more to it. They’re going to have contests, the first of which is to design Mario without his baseball cap. I’ll admit, I played with it a bit and sent it in. What do you win? Nothing but geek admiration, but that should be enough for most.

I’d much rather have seen a Super Mario Galaxy channel, similar to what they did with Metroid (why doesn’t every big game have one of those?) but we’ll take whatever scraps we can get, amirite?

Tomorrow, friends… the drought ends. With a blast of pollen.