WallenquistWell, this isn’t nearly as sexy as last week’s news that Eva Green had snapped up the eponymous role in the new Sin City film, which puts the actress in the shoes of a lady who is often wearing nothing but. Still, Stacy Keach cuts a mean villain, so news that he has been cast as the most evil man in Basin City is definitely fun.

Keach will take on Willenquist (also known as “The Kraut”) means he’ll become one of the more powerful and ruthless characters in Frank Miller’s universe- one known for its ruthless bastards. Willenquist is a great big mob boss, one who has dealings with Eva Green’s Ava Lord. With the former being unmoved by the beauty and sex appeal of the latter (and certainly vice versa), they should have some interesting scenes.

A Dame To Kill For is deep into production now and I suspect it will not be long before we get some kind of first look or even a teaser like the one that stirred up so much interest the first time around.


Source | /Film