Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 2.50.51 PMCloud Atlas star James D’Arcy has a little thought experiment for his philosophy students on their final day… how do you choose who gets to survive the apocalypse?

The remarkable trailer below for The Philosophers details the premise of a set of students and their teacher as he guides them to begin making unthinkable decisions. His hypothetical scenarios are visually played out in the film, and this trailer does a super job of unfolding the increasing scale and drama of these scenarios. The young cast looks great, and just from this small look D’Arcy looks compelling as a charismatic teacher that might get a bit too sucked into his own experiment. Overall it looks like it will be more fun and interesting than profound, but a sort of Groundhog Day meets Lord Of The Flies is something I’d like to see.

The film is showcasing at Berlin and the European Film Market. I’m hoping to hear word of plans for a stateside release from a distributor soon.

Source | Deadline