url-16Anchroman 2 has a release date to make –October 21st, to be exact– so the production is getting funny people in front of cameras as quickly as possible. It looks like one of those funny people will be paying off a rumor that’s circulated for the last month, that Kristin Wiig would be starring in the film along with the boys.

Joining a returning Christina Applegate (who tweeted the casting confirmation), Wiig has signed on to bring just a hair more diversity to a film that will likely challenge Ron Burgundy with a lot of it. That said, the word on the street is that Wiig actually plays a love interest for Brick Tamland, of all characters. Looks like the lamp-loving, trident-hurling weatherman will finally find someone to come to his pants party. I like the sound of it.

This film is rolling (or super close to rolling?) in my neck of the woods, as Atlanta seems to be where everyone shoots their mid-budget comedies now (look for it to stand if for Denver in Identity Thief this Friday).

There are two teasers out there, but I wouldn’t expect a trailer until the summer blockbusters really kick in.