That doesn’t do nearly as much for me as the more moody, bizarre October trailer, but mileage will poster-xlargevary on this, I suspect. It’s still clear these are being cut from a film with a wealth of interesting imagery at the very least. Here we see more of Sheri Moon’s dreadlocked protagonist, and I’m at least convince she’ll be tolerable as the lead.

I’m well documented as a wary cheerleader for Zombie. I’m still convinced that he’s going to be a valuable crafter of horror throughout his career, even if there have been some rough patches getting there. Still, it’s not often that we get a horror film that looks as distinct and visionary as this. In a field of so much sameness and cheap trends, how could that not be refreshing?

This creepy-looking movie hits April 19th, 2013. You can see the trailer in full quicktime HD at Apple.

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