JJ Abrams’ new Star Trek flick which, like Devin I’d really like to see work, continues to experience the WTF casting malady. The latest symptom has Winona Ryder cast as mother to Zachary Quinto’s Spock.

What do you say to that? That she’s a scene-stealer? I try to come up with a decent joke and my mouth runs dry. This is bottom of the barrel idea-mongering, folks. Makes Bruce Greenwood seem like the best thing since Downey as Tony Stark.

Better hope that Eric Bana is set to chew galaxy-sized scenery to keep this misfit ship afloat.

UPDATE: IESB is just full of Trek casting news. They’ve got Keri Russell saying she’d be the caterer on anything Abrams does, but that she’s not in Trek.

Then there’s other character parentage to report. Jennifer Morrison is confirmed in the cast, with the site guessing that she’s in as Carol Marcus, who spawns a son with Kirk.

Finally, Chris Hemsworth is Kirk’s pop, George Samuel Kirk, Sr.

First up out of the Trek merchandise machine: a replica set of the darts and board Abrams used to cast this film.

AND ONE MORE UPDATE: It’s the Trek trickle. There won’t be any more updates to this story, I promise. More than two shakes and it’s masturbation. But this is an intriguing tidbit for the millions who haven’t read the new script: over at the MTV Movies Blog, Bruce Greenwood says he’s going to start shooting in three weeks and be busy until April. Just how much Pike do we get this time?