DH_Collection_BD_Slipcase[12]I suspect you’d like a copy of that box-set pictured above, and I can’t blame you. The Die Hard trilogy plus Len Wiseman’s Bruce Willis film and a ton of special features all together, and for free? You can’t beat it, but that’s what we’re up to over here.

Yippee-ki-yay, movie lover.

The details on the set are below, but all you gotta do is shoot me an email with your name and address. Send it here, and make sure the subject stays “DIEHARD.” (For bonus points, include a permalink to you tweeting this contest!)

Here’s the formal stuff:

Enter To Win the Die Hard 25th Anniversary Blu-ray Collection On January 30th!
The Set Features the First Four Die Hard Films Plus An All-New Bonus Disc

25 years later and we are still partial to Roy Rogers, sequined cowboy shirts, Twinkies and Hugo Boss
suits. Call it the “benefits of a classical education!” All four of John McClane’s explosive, action-packed,
knuckle-bruising Die Hard films will be available on Blu-ray on January 29, from Twentieth Century Fox
Home Entertainment. The set also contains an all-new bonus disc, “Decoding Die Hard.”

A must-have for fans of action movies and Bruce Willis, the set is the ultimate tribute to the tough-as-
nails cop with a wry sense of humor and a knack for explosive action. Wrong place. Wrong time. Right

Bruce Willis is a true Hollywood superstar and John McClane is one of the greatest movie characters of

The Die Hard 25th Anniversary Blu-ray Collection includes:

Disc 1: Die Hard Blu-ray
Disc 2: Die Hard 2: Die Harder Blu-ray
Disc 3: Die Hard with a Vengeance Blu-ray

Disc 4: Live Free or Die Hard Blu-ray
Disc 5: Decoding Die Hard Blu-ray:

**Modern-Day Hero — Casting, evolution and legacy of John McClane
**Along For The Ride — Engaging sidekicks who have teamed up with McClane
**Bad To The Bone — McClane’s well-armed and formidable foes
**Punishing Blows — Creating the intense action sequences, fistfights and stunts
**Explosive Effects — Role of groundbreaking visual and special effects including some of the biggest explosions on screen
**Reinventing The Action Genre — Development of the franchise from concept to character to story
**The Right Hero For The Right Time — Appeal and influence of Die Hard films on pop culture

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