pacific-rim-kaiju-attackI would have gladly sacrificed both teams, the stadium, and the entire crowd in the Superdome to have seen the whole blackout thing turn into a viral stunt for Pacific Rim. Sure, Warner Brothers would have the blood of something like 75,000 people on their hands, but to see some sort of giant Kaijua beast tear apart the stadium before a giant robot comes and takes him out… absolutely worth it.

Alas, that didn’t happen, and the film didn’t even show up to the game in the form of a Super Bowl spot. Which, whatever. The trailer is more than enough holyshit for the time being. That’s four million bucks Warner Brothers can spend elsewhere, and they’ve got plenty of time to do it. From the sound of it, the buzz will likely do a lot of the work for them. Nobody is hiding the fact that the internet loves Guillermo Del Toro, and if he’s made a genuinely good movie to feed that fire- buzz should be great. The very first responses from test audiences are certainly positive, though in a completely reasonable, measured way. That only suggests this film won’t change your life, but be a really solid blockbuster. The big one was this:


Meanwhile guys like Marvel writer Alex Irvine said, “So, yeah. You’re going to want to see Pacific Rim.” Civilian reactions also seemed to have been uniformly positive.

At the same time, we’ve got new photos from the film care of USA Today. which you may now imbibe.

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