"My pool for swim defeat your pool for swim."

“My pool for swim defeat your pool for swim.”

Renny Harlin is Finnish, romanced Geena Davis in her prime, and directed The Long Kiss Goodnight. So if the director of the greatest Christmas movie in this dimension wants to make a 3D Hercules movie, you hand him is suitcase of unmarked bills and wait for dailies to start mysteriously showing up under your pillow every morning. That’s just how dude likes to work (reportedly).

Titled Hercules 3D, Harlin’s Millennium-financed project now enters a race to get the film out before Brett Ratner completes his Hercules, based on a graphic novel and starring current WWE Champion Dwayne “The Dwayne” Johnson. Ratner’s film is tackling the material via a Steve Moore graphic novel while Harlin’s taking more of a grounded, Gladiator approach according to reports. Further complicating the situation is my suspicion that Ratner’s effort will probably have 3D folded into its release as well.

I’m torn. Harlin’s made some very lovable films (Deep Blue Sea, Goodnight, Die Hard 2) but has yet to leave me a voicemail apologizing for Cutthroat Island. Then again, Brett Ratner.

Perhaps I’m not so torn.

Source: Coming Soon