2_4_cumberbatchStar Trek Into Darkness, JJ Abrams second and final foray into Gene Roddenberry’s space-faring adventure saga, will likely be a serviceably if not highly enjoyable sci-fi action film. But I’ll cop to agitation that last night’s Super Bowl trailer (here, below) continues to sell the sequel as an Earth-based destruction film. What’s probably a crucial but early sequence in the film has dominated Paramount’s promotion of the film, and it’s one that feels very un-Trek. 

North American fans will be able to see for themselves two days early, as Paramount announced that tickets for IMAX and 3D showings as early as May 15th can be purchased via the official Star Trek Into Darkness AppA wide release is still on schedule for May 17th, though the studio is apparently confident enough in what they have to boost their rollout. I imagine fans will want to get on this, as Abrams shot roughly 30 minutes of IMAX footage for the film – making that the preeminent format to see it in.

So what say you, North Americans? Will you take Paramount and Bad Robot up on their offer to see this highly anticipated film a few days early?