dwGuillermo del Toro has added another item to his already heaping plate of future projects. He’ll be writing, directing and producing a movie version of an obscure British TV series, The Champions, for United Artists. The Champions ran for 30 episodes from 1968 to 1969, and it was about a secret UN trio called Nemesis (yikes) whose plane crashes in the Himalayas. They are rescued by an advanced civilization hidden in the mountains, and given special powers including telepathy, precognition and enhanced senses and physical abilities. Armed with these powers, they face down international threats to world peace.

Guillermo’s finishing up Hellboy II right now, and he’ll move on to London for post-production soon. The Champions joins Deadman, At the Mountains of Madness, 3993 and others in GDT’s development slate – and those are just the films he might direct. I remain incredibly impressed by Guillermo’s work ethic; it’s hard for me to write up a news story on CHUD some mornings, let alone be involved with so many movies.

The Champions does sound like a fun film for Guillermo to make, but only after he’s made another small film or another Spanish language movie. To me those are the meat of the del Toro oeuvre, and the fantasy and action films are the dessert. And dessert always tastes best when you have a belly full of fine food.