So what’s up with the publicity still of the Des Moines Priapsis Players community production of Heat? Actually, it’s one of four stills of the Pacino / De Niro team-up Righteous Kill, a movie that’s only about a decade too late. Empire Online has the exclusive pics, one of which demonstrates that, yes, you can be too old to swing a semi-automatic rifle.

I don’t really know what to make of this film; it’s written by Inside Man scribe Russell Gewirtz, and though I know some of my favorite scenes in that film were the product of Spike Lee working with his amazing cast, I also know that Lee has turned to Gewirtz to write the possible sequel.

This pic’s director, meanwhile, is Jon Avnet, a man with a pretty impressive string of producing credits but a lot of meager fare like Red Corner, Up Close & Personal and Fried Green Tomatoes to his name. Pacino evidently liked him enough to work alongside once more after wrapping 88 Minutes, but I don’t really know what Pacino’s endorsement means these days.

Whatever. Righteous Kill has Brian Dennehy and Carla Gugino in the cast as well as Pacino and De Niro, so I’m there. I’m primarily interested to see if Dennehy’s breasts are now actually bigger than Gugino’s, as some have claimed.