as Alex is writing about friends of CHUD putting their own spin on Edgar Allen
Poe stories over at Creature Corner
comes word of a new cinematic spin to the classic The Tell-Tale Heart.

Lucas will be the headliner in Tell-Tale, as “a single father whose
recently transplanted heart leads him on a frantic search to find the donor’s
killer before a similar fate befalls him.”

the name that really merits a look is Michael Cuesta. Lately, he’s been working
as a television director on solid fare like Six
Feet Under
and Dexter. But Cuesta
originally made a name for himself as writer/director/producer of the far too
little-seen L.I.E. back in 2001. I don’t watch enough TV to be able to
judge Cuesta’s recent stuff, but L.I.E. was a movie of serious
promise that also fed my need to see a little more cox. Brian Cox, of course. I’m
intrigued by the notion of Cuesta breaking Lucas out of some of the scruffy but
clean roles he’s become accustomed to, Undertow notwithstanding.

and Tony Scott are producing Tell-Tale for Scott Free with Michael
Costigan; Social Capital Films also has a stake the in picture with Martin
Shore and Christopher Tuffin sitting in the big chairs.