Unless you’re Barbara Gordon, a comeback has to happen
one step at a time. For Michelle Pfeiffer Stardust was a primo first step, but
might not be the ideal next one – her co-star would be Ashton
Kutcher, who’s been in stasis since The Guardian was a non-starter.

Based on the story Mansion on the Hill from the collection Demonology by Rick Moody (he wrote the
novel The Ice Storm, upon which the film was based) the film likely "
follows the adventures of narrator
Andrew Wakefield as he tries to come to terms with his sister’s death – she was
killed in a car accident just before her wedding. Coincidentally finding
himself employed at a ritzy wedding-planning business, Andrew alternates
memories of the past with clunky product-speak descriptions of his job.

Sounds lovely. Kutcher would be Wakefield, but for Pfeiffer, who knows? Amazon suggests
that Mansion ends up as a revenge deal, with Wakefield attacking his dead
sister’s former fiancé.

Coming Soon is running this as if it’s a done deal,
with a November 26 start date listed, but there’s little other info, including
writer/director/producer names, to be found.

The other possible next job for Pfieffer is Chasing
, husband David E. Kelly’s directorial debut about a
father-daughter pair of doctors who go to the Self-Discovery State. You know it
as Montana. I know it as a great place to get a bear steak.