, cold-blooded murder is awfully rough on the conscience. Worse, mental duress experienced in the weeks and months following the act can cause the executor to make a series of disastrous decisions that will either lead to a) his apprehension, b) more murder or c) his murder – thus, defeating the purpose of the initial murder. It is therefore advisable that one refrain from committing murder altogether unless they can sustain the additional expense of a fixer. This is also a no-no, as fixers charge a prohibitive fee and, being quite comfortable in their amorality, are typically prone to absconding with your ill-gotten gains via outright theft or blackmail.

Murder… it’s a sucker’s errand. That’s why I hobble.

But murder is always good drama. And it’s been pretty good to Woody Allen over the years as he’s segued from comedic filmmaker to miserable old man. Taking a peek at the new theatrical trailer for his latest, Cassandra’s Dream (hosted by Cinematical), it appears that Woody is firmly in Match Point territory, though he might be applying more of a Dostoevsky-ian slant this time out (as opposed to Dreiser). Ewan McGregor and Colin Farrell play financially imperiled brothers who hit up their very rich uncle (Tom Wilkinson) for a sizable chunk of cash. He’s amenable, so long as they pay him back. Unfortunately, he doesn’t want money. Oh, no. He wants…


And murder.

I’m making an informed guess on the cheese angle, but there does appear to be at least one murder in this movie. And, knowing how these things go (from the movies!), I wouldn’t be surprised to see another dead body or two turn up. At this point, I just want to know more about this Hayley Atwell lass. There may be some promise, if not talent, there.

The Weinstein Company will release Cassandra’s Dream in the U.S. on December 28th.