You know, I actually feel like we’ve been spared from an excess of floating head posters in the last few years, a happy phenomena likely attributable to the rise of the character poster . Sure, there are just as many lazy tropes being beaten like the deadest of horses in the studio poster arena, but the dreaded floating heads have seemed to stick mostly to DVD cases.

placebeyondpineschud copy

This new poster for Derek Cianfrance’s film The Place Beyond The Pines is bringing it back though, as you can see here with this pretty roughly divided poster that’s all about some marketable faces. It’s a bummer to see what appears to be such an interesting movie get such a lazy image. This in particular makes it look like Ryan Gosling has stopped at a rainy intersection because some Lion King cloud-face spirit guide shit is going down.

“Remember…. Remember….”

Oh well. Just check out the trailer again and remember that you probably do indeed want to see this when it hits, March 29th. Keep up with it on Facebook.