IronMan_5_Preview3I might have abstained from covering this kind of thing, but since it so unceremoniously fell in front of my face, I’m gonna. If I’m going to have shit ruined for me, I’m at least going to get a piece out of it that puts others on alert.

In any event, today more leaked toy art made its way onto the web and seemingly suggested an event we had not yet heard about in Iron Man 3. It was the kind of thing that could be written off as a non-canon “IRON MAN MEGA ICE-SUIT WITH BEAR BLASTER CANNON PLAYSET” type derivative that inevitably comes with blockbuster toys, even if it was just specific enough to suggest otherwise.

Enter the Marvel scoop master El Mayimbe of LR, and suddenly the spoiler got real, real specific.

In a way this is really just another cameo spoiler, but here you go.

This is the toy in question:


And this is the big fat hint:


Yep, that’s the recently rebooted Guardians of the Galaxy comic that features Tony Stark as part of the roster, using a special suit introduced in his own series. So putting “deep space suit” toy and “comic book roster reboot” together we have a lot of signs pointing towards Iron Man interacting with Guardians of the Galaxy, or vice versa, even if he’s not going to be a full-on member as in the comic.

url-3If you care to plunge even further down the spoiler hole, El Mayimbe reports that he’s specifically heard Iron Man 3 concludes with Tony Stark darting off into deep space to hook up with the Guardians, and that he’ll actually be seen rendezvousing with that crew at the end of their 2014 movie.

So that’s how it looks to play out. I buy this from top-to-bottom, and frankly these kinds of details are only going to be harder for Marvel to keep a lid on. Considering the enjoyment of this stuff is actually seeing these long-imagined and drawn scenarios play out on the big screen, and the novelty of super comic booky things happening in these blockbusters must be wearing off, perhaps we’ll all be able to deal.

If not, be sure to read any and all headlines on fan sites, twitter, and Facebook real slow from now on…