eva_green_vanity_fair2-1A big piece of the Sin City 2 puzzle has been missing till today, but the film now has an actress to play the eponymous role. Eva Green will be stepping into the role of Ava Lord, the woman who will entangle Josh Brolin in a web of bloody noir… stuff. Lord is a woman with lots of secret and –being a creation of Frank Miller– spends much her time nekkid or otherwise sexually engaged, as well as lying pretty much all the time. Green has never been shy exactly, but I wonder if she’s signed up for all the shamelessly drooling objectification that another comic-frame-accurate approach would entail.

The cast on this runs deep, with Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba, Jamie King and Rosario Dawson returning to their 2005 roles from the first film. They’ll be joined by newbies Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ray Liotta, Juno Temple (I wonder what district of town she’ll be from). There are also some replacements as Jamie Chung takes over for Miho, and Dennis Haybert fills in the late Michael Clarke Duncan’s oversized shoes.

The film is well underway already, but there may be more casting to come considering the “however the fuck he wants” nature of Rodriguez’s production scheduling on his ranch. Miller is returning as co-director, while William Monahan classes things up on the screenplay end. As announced¬†mid-last year,¬†the film will enjoy a 3D release on October 4th of this one.


Source | THR