urlWith my fair-weather Falconry extinguished by their failure to keep it together in the final quarter of an otherwise baller season, my interest in the Super Bowl will remain at its default: a heightened interest in commercials, trailers, and the cutting-edge broadcast production work of the biggest live event of the year (they pull out all the coolest rigs and graphics technology for this one). The middle part of that equation — big new movie trailers, displayed by the studios at great expense — means a big day for movie bloggers and fans staking out YouTube.

The info out there is kind of incomplete, but here’s the jist of the day, according to ComingSoon:

• Pre-game will include a spot for World War Z (:30) and extended ad for The Lone Ranger (:90)

Star Trek Into Darkness (:30) will show up specifically during the second quarter

Fast 6 (:30) will show up sometime during the game, along with an Oz The Great And Powerful spot of unknown length. (We’ll finally learn the official title of the former, btw)

Iron Man 3 (:60)  will bust in with a long spot, but it’s unclear when during the game

So there you go. No spots from Fox, Sony, or WB. Not a shock considering it’s cost something like $4m for 30 seconds of airtime during the game.

Keep an eye out for CHUD for all those trailers if you won’t be watching the game or want to see the spots again, as they always drop immediately after airing.