urlLike vultures, Abrams and Paramount and publishers lept on the Lance Armstrong story lightning quick following his admission of guilt, staking their claim on the Douchespearian tale of an asshole on two wheels!

Bad Robot and Paramount specifically went after the rights for a merely proposed downfall biography of Armstrong, hilariously titled Cycle Of Lies: The Fall Of Lance Armstrong, and they have indeed nabbed them for a potential biopic. Word from Deadline is that it was mere moments later that Bradley Cooper’s hand shot into the air with reported shouts of “OOH OOH MEMEMEMEMEME” as he propped up his raised elbow with his other arm.

JJ confirmed at the PGA awards that he and Bradley have indeed discussed the project.

Of course, with the rather monumental news that Abrams will be behind the camera for Star Wars: Episode VII, exactly where this project might fit in is unclear. Since the book has to be written and then a script will need to follow, I expect we won’t hear too much for a few years, aside from the writing hire.