The latest Pixar movie is coming to DVD this Tuesday in Ratatouille. Directed by Brad Bird (The Incredibles), Ratatouille tells the story of Renny, a young rat who wants to become a renowned chef. He teams with a boy with little accomplishments in the area of cooking and teams with him to accomplish both their goals. The movie was expected to be a flop before its release thanks to its strange name, adult storyline and French locations. Nothing to worry about, however, as it garnered great reviews and over $500 million worldwide, making to more profitable than last year’s Cars.


  • Deleted Scenes – With introductions by Ratatouille’s acclaimed screenwriter/director Brad Bird.
  • Your Friend the Rat – Remy and Emile star in an all-new animated short film.
  • Fine Food and Film: A Conversation with Brad Bird and Thomas Keller – Cuisine and cinema come together in this behind the scenes look at how master chef and restaurateur Thomas Keller brought his real life expertise to the table.
  • Lifted – In Pixar’s latest short, Oscar nominated for Best Animated Short Film, a teen alien learns that failure is an option.
  • More Surprises!


sickoSicko (Special Edition)

A lot of people hate Michael Moore. A lot of people like the guy. At the end of the day, he is the most successful documentary filmmaker working today because no one is really ambivalent towards him. He made a great documentary in Roger & Me that has actually become a little less relevant when you see how Moore has continued his style of news gathering. Many people looked at Roger & Me and saw a man standing up for the little people against the big bully corporations. However, when he turned his attention to a larger target like Charlton Heston and the NRA he came across as a bully standing up for a good cause. Finally, when he attacked the president of the United States he alienated half the country. In his newest documentary, he kept his target set solidly on the government, this time attacking their stance on the health system. Where he went to Canada to compare violence for Bowling for Columbine, for this movie he went to Cuba to compare health care systems and ended up with the US government coming after him in what looked to be a case of revenge. Following that one incident, he once again used his master of the media to promote his new movie and ended up with some of the best reviews he had ever received.


  • Seven Never-Before-Seen segments adding over 45 minutes of exclusive footage
  • SiCKO Goes To Washington
  • This Country Beats France — Uniquely American
  • What If You Worked For G.E. In France?
  • Sister Mary Fidel
  • Who Would Jesus Deny?
  • More with Mike and Tony Benn
  • Interview Gallery – Extended Interviews with Former New England Journal of Medicine Editor, Marcia Angel; Author and Harvard Law Professor, Elizabeth Warren and Doctor and Eldest Daughter of Che Guevara, Aleida Guevara
  • A Different Kind Of Premiere – The SiCKO L.A. Premiere
  • "Alone Without You" Music Video performed by The Nightwatchman


chinatownChinatown (Special Collector’s Edition)
The Two Jakes (Special Collector’s Edition)

One of the greatest movies of all time is being released this week in a special edition alongside one of the most disappointing sequels of all time. Chinatown tells the simple story of corruption and its effects on a California town. Writer Robert Towne and Director Roman Polanski put together a story that twists and turns its way through a complicated plot until the final scene shows that everything does not need to have a neat and tidy happy ending to be considered a masterpiece. Jack Nicholson provided one of the best performances of his young career, and, alongside his masterpiece performance of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, proved to be one of the best actors working. The Two Jakes was created due to Robert Towne’s displeasure at his treatment over the years following Chinatown and brought back Jack Nicholson who directed the movie, ending up with a pretty weak follow up. The third movie that Towne originally wanted to make to complete the trilogy will never see the light of day he promises. Neither edition looks that special on paper, but that all depends on how long the featurettes are.


  • 4 Featurettes:
    • Chinatown: The Beginning and The End!
    • Chinatown – Style
    • Acting Chinatown
    • Chinatown: The Classic
  • Theatrical Trailer


  • Featurette: Jack on Jakes
  • Theatrical Trailer



Seinfeld – Season 9
Flight of the Conchords – The Complete First Season
Doctor Who – The Complete Third Series
Full House – The Complete Eighth Season
The Best Of The Colbert Report
The Cosby Show – Season 5
The Cosby Show – Season 6
Wings – The Fifth Season
Martin: The Complete Third Season
Project Runway – The Complete Third Season
Sesame Street: Vol. 2 – Old School (1974-1979)
Doctor Who – Arc of Infinity (Episode 124)
Doctor Who – Time-Flight (Episode 123)
McLeod’s Daughters – Season 4
The X-Files: The Ultimate Collection
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The King of Queens – The Complete Series
Beetle Bailey: The Complete Collection



Ratatouille [Blu-ray]
Cars [Blu-ray]
Pixar Short Films Collection – Volume 1 [Blu-ray]
I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (Combo HD DVD and Standard DVD)
The Aviator [Blu-ray]
The Aviator [HD DVD]
Oldboy [Blu-ray]
Beowulf & Grendel [Blu-ray]
The Best of Blu-ray – Action (Troy Director’s Cut / Blood Diamond / Wyatt Earp / Alexander Revisited The Final Cut) [Blu-ray]
The Best of HD DVD – Action (Troy Director’s Cut / Blood Diamond / Wyatt Earp / Alexander Revisited The Final Cut) [HD DVD]



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