Hope you like your new Iron Man footage in the popular for centuries postage stamp size. Leave it to an international site to disseminate new moving images from one of the most wanted flicks of 2008, but to do so with the resolution of a Polaroid i-zone image. If that’s not enough, the tiny clip will also take more time to load than most HD trailers.

But it’s worth the wait, and the squint, since in this international trailer you get more dialogue from Tony Stark and Pepper, and also the first in-motion look at the film’s repulsors. Yeah, that’s what I said: repulsors. Stark looks pretty jazzed about them, too, as there’s one shot where he appears prepped to rub one out while wearing the prototype gauntlet.

For that, I’ll forgive the trailer’s use of a vocal portion of ‘Hey Man, Nice Shot’.

Click here to go to United International Pictures Sigapore, where a teeny-tiny GoBot size Iron Man awaits.