The good news: you’re gettin’ more Galifianakis. The bad news: he’s gonna be the side order to a main course of Kutcher.

I know Galifianakis’s comedy is an acquired taste, but after his astonishing disappearing act in Sean Penn’s Into the Wild (I didn’t even know he was in the movie until the closing credits), we should all be able to agree that he possesses some seriously untapped potential as an actor. Unfortunately, subtly impressive supporting turns don’t typically lead to creative carte blanche in Hollywood, so the comedian/musician has consented to appear in two deeply unpromising commercial features.

The first is called, no bullshit, What Happens in Vegas…, an Ashton Kutcher vehicle (try and try and try…) about some guy who gets married to some girl (Cameron Diaz) after a craaaaaazy night out in the city that Bugsy built. And, yes, that’s the extent of the plot (at least, as it’s described in The Hollywood Reporter). Galifianakis will co-star as Kutcher’s best buddy, Dave the Bear. He’s a real character. I mean, they call him "The Bear". Just imagine all of the shenanigans he’ll get into.

It’s very likely we’ll be seeing Galifianakis’s ass in this movie.

The same cannot be said of G-Force, the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced, family-skewing action extravaganza about a guinea pig strike force tasked to take down a nefarious millionaire bent on world domination or something to that effect. Galifianakis will play "the lead government scientist in charge" of the guinea pig program; sounds like he’ll be trotting out his Tru Calling persona for this one (not that I ever watched Tru Calling more than once or twice… seriously).

In the meantime, please go see Into the Wild.