1_28_EvilDeadThose Evil Dead trailers have shown hella promise. It’ll never be the Raimi-directed Evil Dead we love, but maybe it can be a different Evil Dead that we also love. I’m extremely interested to see what Fede Alvarez comes up with, as early footage has hinted at an intense and disturbing horror ghoster under all of that remake hoopajoo. So it’s reassuring to hear the first cut submitted to MPAA warranted an NC-17 rating. Par for the course, that’s not the cut you’re going to see in theatres. Via Alvarez’ Twitter:

Screen Shot 2013-01-28 at 5.33.29 PM

Aside from the fact this is relatively common that horror films have to go back and trim to earn themselves an R rating, I have a couple of thoughts. First, this is great marketing for TriStar’s film and dropping this news to fans gives the release an air of extreme. Second, fear not, if you want to see the gorier cut, you will. Whenever this remake drops on DVD and Blu, something along the lines of “The Unrated Cut Too Extreme For Theatres” is all but guaranteed.

Par for the course, really.

Source: Collider