So there’s you’re Justice League line-up, according to the superhero scoopers at Latino Review.

It’s taken the studio some time since the discovery of this supposedly long-in-development project to finalize the roster of the Justice League of America, as it will appear in their film Justice League. It seems the story will feature a core group of five heroes, all the most recognizable of the Super Friends: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Green Lantern.

The real meat here is the decision to limit any other characters to small cameos or set-up supporting roles that would be expanded in the sequel. Apparently Martian Manhunter and Aquaman land as candidates in that category, with Hawkman a distant possibility. I assume the director –a role the studio still has to fill– would have to come in with a real passion for the latter for him to make it into the film.

This is pretty much all as one might expect, and I agree with El Mayimbe over at LR that the cosmic nature of their foe Darkside and the peril to earth suggests that the League will ultimately benefit more from Martian Manhunter’s involvement. Also, he’s not a laughingstock character, so there’s that too. Aquaman will get an overly badass introduction in one of these movies someday, but the first time out probably won’t be the place.

So let loose your thoughts on this roster, casting ideas, and who you feel would be the best character to fill the cameo spot…