O wicked embargo! If only I could tell you about my visit to the Watchmen production offices and the ‘war room,’ pictured above, you would be dazzled. Thrilled. Jealous.

But I can’t. The official Watchmen website updated today with a new blog from director Zack Snyder, featuring a couple of pictures of the ‘war room.’ While you can’t make out any of the specifics of the production art in the pictures, I bet hardcore fans can make educated guesses based on colors and shapes. And of course the picture I’ve included here contains some barely blurry paintings of the characters in costume – you’re almost getting your first look at Nite Owl II here!

Zack promises some pictures this month. There’s a big process to sharing these things with you guys – everybody involved needs to sign off on every picture, so it can be a lot of red tape before they get to you. It isn’t like being on set and having Zack flip through the pictures on his iPhone for you. Wait, am I boasting again?

Head over to the Watchmen site and obsessively pore over every image!