those killjoys at Disney marketing! They’ve dropped the year’s most inspiringly nonsensical piece of dialogue from the latest National Treasure: Book of Secrets theatrical trailer, and subbed in the following:

"A man only has one lifetime, but history can remember you forever."

Really? You’ve gone from "What is it about treasure that makes history so fascinating?" to insipidly phrased bromides? C’mon! You can’t just turn your back on that kind of stupid. Someone (i.e. The Wibberleys) got paid a lot of fucking dough to write that Berra-esque bit of wisdom; get your money’s worth.

Or at least give us more puzzling line readings from Nicolas Cage, who, at times, looks genuinely surprised to be appearing in this film. Anything to alleviate the two-minute tedium of watching a rote trailer for a rote big-budget action movie that’ll clear $150 million easily and spawn another sequel I’ll never see. You’re studio marketers. You’re supposed to suck at your job. Revel in your high-priced ineptitude. (For instance: you have Mount Rushmore relegated to the background of the above poster when you and I both know those granite heads should be in the foreground and floating).

For those of you that care, National Treasure: Book of Secrets opens wide December 21st, 2007.