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As we approach the debut of David Fincher’s Netflix mini-series House Of Cards, the director himself is looking to finally shore up his schedule for the year. Disney is still reading the cards, counting outs, and pondering pot odds on the 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea film they’ve been wanting him to make, and their lock on his schedule is about to run out. With the possibility of Disney deciding not to dive in to the remake and the Dragon Tattoo sequel still a ways off from even having a script, Fincher is looking to a novel adaptation to keep him busy in 2013.

The novel? Gillian Flynn’s acclaimed Gone Girl, about a woman who disappears on her fifth wedding anniversary, leaving her husband to defend his innocence. Though the synopsis isn’t exactly cutting edge, it’s a taught-enough thriller that Sony paid well to grab the rights out from under a host of other interested studios last year. Reese Witherspoon’s name has been floating around in conjunction with the film since the bidding war.

As long as Fincher is rolling camera on something –attractive hackers, college nerds, giant undersea creatures, whatever– I’m happy. With Disney set to make their decision any time now, we should hear about this one way or another soon.


Source | Variety