guardians-of-the-galaxy-comicIs anyone else out there wondering if Guardians of the Galaxy will be the film with which Marvel loses everybody? I’m not predicting an outright flop or the crashing of the entire Marvel cinematic universe or anything, but there is a new line of weirdness this one is seemingly crossing. Sure, the latent audience buzz off a billion-and-a-half dollar success will surely buoy even something this weird from being a total disaster, but it’s not as if audiences have any problem turning their nose up at anything that goes too outside the ordinary.

In any event, Guardians of the Galaxy marches on under James Gunn’s direction to tell the story of a cosmic force of defenders that includes a tree person and a talking raccoon. Our news today actually concerns said raccoon as word from Latino Review (who scoops the shit out of superhero movies, but seems to have it a bit rougher with Marvel if the Black Panther misfire was any indication) is that Marvel is going for some names you might not expect.

How would you feel about a Jim Carrey-voiced Rocket Raccoon? How about Adam Sandler? How about either of those guys actually showing up in the film?

Details are scant, but apparently Marvel is looking into both comedians for the film. Assuming it’s so either one of them could voice RR is pure speculation, but it’s a safe bet. The same piece also drops mention of Wes Bentley (The Hunger Games), Chris Lowell (The Help), and Cam Gigandet (Priest) having scripts in their hand, but no offers.

All of this is super early, pre-negotiation shortlist and interest-gauging information, so it’s entirely possible none of these names turn out. The escalation of this kind of horse-race production “journalism” means we’re going to be increasingly spoon fed crap thrown out in meetings and “wouldn’t it be cool if?” casting spitball sessions as outlets look to one-up each other with earlier and earlier info.

With Jim Carrey popping up in Kick-Ass 2, I would expect some sort of something to come out of that. Sandler? I can’t say, but I know what which way I’m crossing my fingers on that one. How about you guys?