The films
of Jim Jarmusch never burn up the charts, but they garner enough critical and
arthouse attention that he manages to get the green light one way or

His last, Broken Flowers (which, as a fan of Jarmusch, Bill
Murray and the Ethiopiques music collection I feel like a criminal for not
having seen) was a typical semi-success. Apparently that was enough for James
Schamus at Focus Features, as the company has taken the worldwide distribution
rights for the director’s next film.

The Limits of

will go before the cameras in February, with Jarmusch returner Isaach De
Bankolé in the lead as a guy with “an unexplained job that causes him to travel
across Spain”.

little more information, but two other attached names will have some people
ready to buy their tickets now. Christopher Doyle is shooting the flick and Pan’s
Labyrinth production designer is on board to ensure Doyle has more beautiful
stuff to photograph than just the Spanish countryside.