’s a quickie 45 second clip from Beowulf that has popped up on Yahoo! Movies. It’s completely out of context, but if I had to guess it’s Beowulf telling a tall tale about his past – the opening line is ‘We swam for five days, neck and neck.’ While swimming Beowulf and his opponent (it’s a race, right? That’s what I’m taking away from it) are attacked by two huge sea monsters. The footage is very cool, and while there is a ton of naysaying on the web, I’m feeling pretty positive about this movie.

Click here to see the footage.

By tomorrow night I’ll know if I was right or wrong about the film; I’m seeing it in 3D IMAX tomorrow in preparation for this weekend’s big junket. We’ll see what kind of embargo I’m stuck with, but I hope to be able to give you my impressions soon.