, Patrick Marber has not been commissioned to make another vicious mess of male/female relationships (though that’d be fine by me so long as he issues a written apology for Notes on a Scandal). Matter of fact, he has nothing to do with Duplicity, a Universal Pictures drama that will re-team the attractively antagonistic pair of Clive Owen and Julia Roberts.

This is actually Tony Gilroy’s show, the man behind the critically adored Michael Clayton (provide those critics aren’t named Devin Faraci or Jeremy Smith). And he will once again direct from his own screenplay. I have no problems with this. Though the movie sounds like another white collar morality play (two romantically-linked corporate spies for rival corporations team up to run a con on multiple companies, the endgame being the theft of a "valuable product"), I’m all for Roberts hooking up with a director who’ll keep her from phoning it in. If Michael Clayton is any indication, Gilroy is a deft touch with actors.

And if you’re wondering why I give a shit about Roberts turning in a great performance, it’s because I thought she was fucking incredible in Closer. Of course, some of this might’ve been due to the kinda talented Brit with whom she shared most of the film’s best scenes, so good on Gilroy for casting Owen. The more I think about these two going at each other again, the more I’m really, truly looking forward to this one. What?

Duplicity will commence principal photography in March. Jennifer Fox and Laura Bickford will produce. And Remo Williams will return. He just has to.