This video has apparently been online a little while, but it seems to be just now making the rounds. Perhaps it just slipped under my radar but either way check out this parade of tricked out, apocalypse ready monster madmaxcarcars. This is all from the desert shooting of Mad Max: Fury Road, the Tom Hardy-starring return of George Miller to the franchise he started almost 35 years ago.

There’s not much here other than precisely what you would expect (and we’ve seen bits and pieces of across the last two years): lots and lots of customized apocalypse cars, trucks, and tankers. No doubt this is going to be an action film crammed with a lot of automotive carnage. I mean, just check out that crazy Bel Air (or whatever) shoved into that other Bel Air (or whatever) and turned into a monster truck.

We’re still a long way off from this film’s release, but with production good and geared up, hopefully we’ll start hearing and seeing more in an official capacity soon.