As this site’s lone Broken Lizard apologist [though are you an apologist if you’re right and they’re wrong?], I find it my duty to paint this news with a nice positive brush despite the fact that it seems to represent a departure for the group of lunatics behind the decent Puddle Cruiser, magnificent Super Troopers, surprisingly rewatchable Club Dread, and broader but lovely Beerfest.

You see, it’s being done outside the studio system despite the Lizards’ deal at Warner Bros.

It’s also another high concept idea told in a version of the English language only Variety’s most acute word rapistsĀ  are capable of:

"Story, to be penned by the troupe, revolves around a restaurant owner
and former heavyweight champ who pits his wait staff against each other
in a -Glengarry Glen Rosslike competish.

The Slammin’ Salmon [a play on words and most likely not a reference to Courtney Love’s pubis] will be done independently and mark the first time that someone other than Jay Chandrasekhar has helmed a Lizardflick. Kevin Heffernan this time steps into the chair and since he’s the only one in the group who looks like a former heavyweight champ (yeah, you too Stolhanske), he’ll probably be the lead as well.

More power to them, says I.

But, I do have to admit that the premise seems thin and though Beerfest is a blast it doesn’t represent growth in the storytelling prowess of the gang. They’re adept at tacking on a lot of great jokes on a thin premise but one of the things I personally want to see is these gusy challenging themselves a little more with each effort…

Who the fuck am I kidding? I’m first in line regardless.