I first heard the worst story ever told about a decade ago. I was in my senior year of High School trying to decide on a college to attend when a couple of the older employees at the theater shared this really amazing story that they heard from a friend in the Navy.

The story was rather short, but it made quite an impression. So, I’ve made a point of retelling the story to people I hire or have the fortune of working with on various things. It’s one of those tales that brings people together. I didn’t think much of it until about a month ago. The last person I told the story almost choked to death.

Little did I know that, they were a card-carrying member of all that Focus on the Family bullshit and they were a really hardcore Right-Wing Uber-Americo Fascist type. The person didn’t get upset, they just seemed shocked and then saddened. So, I do this as a favor to them. For they asked me to retell the joke to the global community (i.e. random fuckers on-line) and see if they find it as offensive.

Here’s the start:

John Wayne Gacy, Jesus Christ and Lance Armstrong are in a bar. The bartender approaches them and asks what they’ll have. Jesus said that he’ll take a….

The Worst Story Ever Told will be continued at Gabe Powers’ Blog.