have to start looking up for New Line at some point. Today, however, is not that day.

In the immediate wake of Brett Ratner unofficially announcing his departure from the remake of John Carpenter’s Escape from New York (originally to be helmed by Len Wiseman), the new Snake Plissken, Gerard Butler, has decided to flee as well (citing the ever ambiguous "creative differences"). This is especially unfortunate because the studio had just brought on the capable Jonathan Mostow to rewrite Ken Nolan’s lacking-in-purpose draft. Though Mostow only had an option to direct, his steady, workmanlike presence on the project offered the first glimmer of hope since the fucker entered development. If the movie’s going to happen, I could live with Mostow directing it.

One positive to Butler’s exit is that it might free up the Scottish star to play Jimmy Malone in Brian De Palma’s Untouchables prequel. Failing that, he’ll at least have plenty of time to chase pussy.

I have no idea when Mostow began his rewrite, but it looks like he’ll have another week to retool Nolan’s screenplay: the WGA is indicating that they’ll delay the strike for another week. Though Mostow might be happy to hear this, I have a number of friends who were killing themselves over the last week to meet the Thursday 12:01 AM deadline. They might be a tad miffed over this last second extension.