title of the JJ Abrams produced monster movie alternately known as Cloverfield and 1-18-08 (its release date) will finally be revealed two months before the film hits theaters when a trailer premieres in front of Beowulf on November 16. Think about that: we won’t know the NAME of the movie until 8 weeks before its release.

I’ve actually been impressed by the massive fumble that has happened with the marketing of this movie. This summer things were at a fever pitch, with the internet buzzing and clues, hints or rumors popping up every couple of days, but everything has died down in a big way. Or was it a fumble after all? Did someone at Paramount realize this tease tease tease approach was going to burn out the core fanbase long before the movie came out?

Here’s what I hope to see in the trailer: a recreation of Abrams’ contemptuous Comic Con presentation for the movie where he offered just about no information whatsoever. And then he pisses on assembled fanboys who thank him for it while forking over cash.