So Wrong Cops isn’t a sequel to Rubber-director Quinten Duipieux’s film Wrong, but it does feature an overlapping cop character, and it is Dupieux’s next film. Apparently it will play as a full feature at Sundance, though it’s played in chunks at different points (including Cannes) over the last year or so. You can get the rundown on all that stuff right here.

wrongcopsIn any event, the new trailer is a deeper look into the characters that populate this world, and they’re pretty much all weirdo cops, lead by Mark Burnham and filled out by folks like Eric Wareheim (who surely had to show up in one of these films sooner or later), Eric Judor, Steve Little, Ray Wise, and Marilyn Manson as David.

It’s all very weird and very characteristic of Dupieux’s work, though I get the feeling that Wrong Cops will end up being a bit more entertaining than Wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Wrong, but it didn’t ever grab me quite like Rubber. Dupieux’s going to hit a sweet spot with one of his films sometime soon, I’m quite confident. Perhaps that moment has already arrived with Wrong Cops.

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