Tough to tell from such a big trumpets & triumph trailer if Peter Webber’s Emperor is going to be any kind of brave meaty drama that one could produce from such a huge story as Emperor Hirohito’s post-WWII judgement by image001.png@01CDF499Gen. MacArthur, but I’ve got my fingers crossed for it. It’s a step back up into the heavy drama for Webber, who was last seen with Hannibal Rising, and has landed current Oscar-nominee Tommy Lee Jones and Matthew Fox to work with him here.

It’s important to note that this isn’t really Jones’ story, despite his bankable presence in the trailer. This is a tale centered on Matthew Fox’s character, his investigation, and the romance weaved into it. That’s not such a bad thing- I feel like Matthew Fox is still a talent that hasn’t yet been properly mined.

Emperor appears to be all of a sweeping, dense epic from the look we have here, and even the trailer brings up some of the thorny issues inherent in the story so I’ll be happy to see it hit on March 8th.