1_17_danteThat’s my Gremlin. His name is Dante. He watches me while I work. Sometimes, not often, he tells me to burn things.

Ever feel like your whole life is a reboot? Because we’re quickly approaching a phase where the Monster Squad and RoboCop the kids are referring to will no longer be the ones you recognize. Case in point: Gremlins, as talks have once again resumed between Warner Bros. and Steven Spielberg’s Amblin to return the tiny creatures to the big screen. Vulture’s source goes so far as to say that, though similar talks have happened in the past, there’s a likelier chance of a deal getting done in the here and now.

Joe Dante, creative genius behind the original films, has acknowledged in the past that a new Gremlins was only a matter of time. Though what was unknown then, and to some degree still is, is what form such a film will take. Will this be a continuation of the originals? Seems unlikely after Gremlins 2: The New Batch took the film into Looney Toons territory – sublime for its time but not in line with WB’s current approach.

Whatever path they take, I hope Joe Dante is involved to keep hungry computer animators away. A CG gremlin simply isn’t a gremlin, as the amazing practical work in the original films is still unrivaled in this digital age.