Today both an international and domestic trailer for Spring Breakers has dropped, and from the looks of both (they’re pretty similar) this movie is going to be a neon splashed ride of bad behavior. I love 230736_430517380351471_1149454951_nthat Annapurna Pictures (in Megan Ellison We Trust) is turning this slightly more accessible turn from Harmony Korine into a legitimate release that is likely to be his biggest hit ever, by an order of magnitude or two. With the names involved and the fun, sexy, dangerous look they’re selling this with, it’s entirely possible that this will be a full on success, relative to whatever release it’s managing. In fact, I bet an R-rating is an asset at this point.

Both the trailers show what we’ve pretty much seen before but cuts a bit deeper into the criminal mischief, breaking it all down to some electro house and dubstep (Skrillex’s Scary Monsters in the domestic, SebastiAn’s Tetra in the international). The Britney Spears stinger on the domestic trailer is the real peach though.

This hits wide on March 29th. Here’s the FB page.