from the set of Step Brothers, next year’s Will Ferrell/John C Reilly comedy (directed by Anchorman and Talladega Nights genius Adam McKay). Thanks to the free wifi here on the Sony lot I can bring you the breaking update about Land of the Lost. I am not able to transcribe my recording of the interview with Will, so everything here is paraphrased.

Will said that him starring in Land of the Lost has nothing to do with Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, where his character was named Marshall Willenholly. When asked what the tone of the film would be – broadly comedic, action comedy or a little serious – he said that the film would be like The English Patient, but with dinosaurs. He quickly amended that, though, saying it would be a horribly realistic look at what would happen to people sent to a world full of dinosaurs and Sleestaks. "We only survive for the first 12 minutes," he said. "The rest of the movie is shots of dinosaurs in action, communicating with Sleestaks. It’s like a nature documentary."

In the end he wouldn’t commit to whether the movie is a straight ahead spoof of the original show, but he did say that it wouldn’t look like a spoof, comparing the quality of the movie’s production to Jurassic Park.