Another day, another coveted Mondo drop. With a one-two punch of posters that tackle the first and most beloved blockbuster as well as Spielberg’s heartwearming creature feature, there are sure to be a lot of geek tears shed tomorrow when these go up at a random time and sell out at a random time + 45 seconds.

The E.T. poster above is from Mike Mitchell and there’s 475 of the 36″x 24″ prints. If you manage to nab one, it will set you back $45.

Since the little alien with the glowing tip doesn’t hold quite the same place in my heart, I’m actually much more impressed with this Jaws print, which honors the film with that wonderful kind of subtlety that Mondo artists excel at (and so many others fail to capture when they imitate). There are a bunch of fun film details crammed into this sunny image, and you can just imagine the blood that will soon roll in with the tide.


The Jaws print is a 24″ x 36″ Laurent Durieux screenprint with an edition of 525, costing $60.

The both of them go up tomorrow, so keep an eye on @MondoNews for the too-late notice that they’ve gone on sale.

These both debuted at AICN, and you can find more info at Mondo.